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Quality services in the field of laser engraving and related activities

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On our website you can learn about our services and get informed about our latest news and promotions.
Our company lays emphasis on the personalization of individual and unique items using computer-controlled laser engraving, but we also undertake the production of series.
With our machinery we have the possibility to mark metals, to engrave on both flat and round surfaces, for companies and individuals as well. Discover the artistic nature of laser engraving with our company. We can mark ceramics, glass, porcelain with beautiful unique patterns to provide you personalized gifts for different occasions: weddings, anniversaries, graduations etc.
You will be pleased to find in our catalogue a variety of gift items that are scarcely produced anywhere else. Laser engraving provides your decorative ideas a sure way to implement.
We can cut filigree matrices, stencils out of Plexiglass, paper or other material for painting. We can apply beautiful laser-engraved patterns on mirrors. We also undertake anti-theft engraving of rearview mirrors. We are open to elaborate all kinds of original ideas, and also for vectorization of drawings, company logos.

Our possibilities are:

- (effective) engravable flat surface: 406/305mm.

- thickness of placed in object up to 125mm:

- size of placed in object up to 475x355mm.

- cutting: wood thickness 7mm, Plexiglas thickness 10mm.

- cylindrical surface: diameter min.24,5mm, max. 130mm, axis max. 320mm.

The LDP Gravpho Ltd, in order to ensure a successful operation, endeavors to achieve complete satisfaction of its customers with the services provided. Our main goal is that the quality of our services to continuously meet the demands specified and expected by our customers.

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